I’m trying something a little different for Sunday school! I hope you’ll make it a point to come. Instead of the usual screen share, I’ve decided to try something here, at the house.

We’ll have a quick bible study as usual, but I decided to add something extra to the mix. I wanted some no contact sports, of course! We play something at the house called Crossnet and it’s awesome. Think 4-square, but with a volleyball net. And, we love some Spike Ball as well. I figured our Sunday School crew is just the right size for a few rounds!

Throw in some pizza to fuel the event and we’re all set. I hope you can come. So, the details are . . .

Back yard Sunday School Saturday, May 30 at Lance and Alison Moore’s House for Hillcrest 9-12 Grade boys.

Click here for a map. (Long driveway to house)

Time/Date Saturday, May 30
Food provided
If you can email or text 662-316-0190 to let me know you’ll be there so I can know how much pizza! I hope you’ll come!