Fix It Yourself

So, I was raised in possibly one of the last generations to try to “figure” things out if they break. As many know, this new age of online instruction is very powerful, but many times I can’t find what I need. So, I thought I would contribute to the cause! I hope, if you found this page, that you find something that helps you out.

Fix a Maytag Washer Hinge

Not even 2 years into the purchase, my Maytag Bravos washer hinge fully disintegrated due to weak plastic connecting the metal hinge. I priced replacements but found that the same part would come at $250 with no guarantee of not breaking. I saw another method that involved cutting but managed to make the hinge strong again with this method and a simple 5 dollar part. I hope this helps others solve this issue of a bad engineering situation that isn’t covered by warranty.