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If you made it to this page, you likely have viewed one of my photos – awesome! As I do use photography for my design clients often, I also enjoy taking time to shoot local events. I don’t charge fees for photographs I share, but some have offered to “tip the waiter,” so that’s what this page is about. Please, don’t feel obligated – use what you like and share the link to anyone you think might be involved who would like one!

The following outlets are ways to throw in a few dollars – which generally goes to new gear, for better pics! Otherwise, enjoy using and sharing the photos – I sincerely enjoy sharing the memories with folks. If you do want to give credit in your posts, “Photo by” is appreciated!


Venmo (send to user Mooresites)
Paypal (send to a friend at
Make payment via PayPal Portal
Or just a good old fashioned donation (credit cards/PayPal)

Want the ``big`` file for printing?

If you find that amazing shot that you want to use for larger prints or to have the full resolution file, I can handle that as well. Here’s a form to get started. I charge $10 for the full resolution file – will throw in some color adjustments and light retouching, as needed :).